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Tim Henry

"Our scavenger hunt was a great team building event and fun way to spend a couple of hours. Something different! The length of the course was just right and actually the clues were all get-able. Everyone enjoyed it. They all got into it and had a fun time and it was a highlight being on the winning team!"

Tim Henry, Peoplecorp, HR Recruitment Specialists

Erin McRitchie

"Chris was great, extremely helpful and accommodating when it came to making our event themed at the last minute! Nothing was too much of an ask, he took care of the organising of the event himself which was very helpful, I didn’t have to organise a thing! Everyone really got involved and loved the activity. I heard nothing but positive comments about the afternoon and from what I could tell everyone was having a good laugh together. It was so much FUN and a great team building activity. It was also really great to get to explore the city while completing the fun challenges. Thanks for having us!!"

- Erin McRitchie, Diageo


"Our adventure was filled with laughs and varied, yet attainable, challenges that helped us to work together as a team while doing and seeing things we never would have if we explored the city on our own. I had a blast and can’t wait to do another one!"

- Rachael S from

Anthony C

"So fun and creative! Loved every minute, 5 stars."

- Anthony C

Laura T

"I loved talking to random people along the way. Definitely worth doing –  a great adventure in the city."

- Laura T

Suzie T


"I laughed all day, at everything! Awesome fun."

- Suzie T